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The regulations of the German narcotics law foresee a ban on the advertising of narcotics - also as medicines.

The medicinal products marketed by SynBiotic Distribution consist of the dried flowers of the hemp plant and since cannabis is assigned to the narcotic legislation in accordance with Appendix 3, we as the provider are not permitted to give any advice on the products or even engage in advertising.

Violations of this prohibition constitute a criminal offense.

SynBiotic Distribution GmbH holds a pharmaceutical wholesale licence in accordance with
§52a of the German Pharmaceuticals Act (AMG) and the permit to handle narcotics in accordance with

§3 of the German Act on Narcotics (BtMG).

SynBiotic Distribution GMBH was founded in 2017, under the name of GECA Pharma GmbH, with the aim of closing the supply gap for medical cannabis in Germany and establishing optimal patient care.

As an independent German cannabis importer and wholesaler, we work with international GMP licensed producers.

We import medical cannabis products and distribute them exclusively to pharmacies, pharmacy wholesalers and medical facilities with the corresponding federal purchase authorisation.

For further information about our products and services regarding market entry consultations and assistance please contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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