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07. November 2018

New era in dealing with Cannabis?
GECA Pharma GmbH in an expert interview



Cologne, 7. November 2018 – On the occasion of the cannabis legalization in Canada GECA Pharma GmbH informs in a TV interview about the supply situation in Germany.

Since October 17, cannabis products in Canada are no longer allowed for medical purposes only, but also as a private stimulant. Canada is the first industrialized nation in the world to fully legalize the acquisition, possession and consumption of people over the age of 19. The entry into force of the law meant that within a few days the cannabis stocks of many licensed dispensaries were completely used up.

Worldwide, further reactions to the overseas drug policy decision can be observed. In particular, it enlivens the local debates of cannabis legalization. Last but not least, the call for liberalization in Germany is becoming louder and louder. In the discussion about the future-oriented question, the distinction between the medical application and the recreational use of cannabis should be considered. The path for therapeutic use is theoretically level, but what about the supply of pharmaceutical cannabis in Germany?

To inform about the current situation, the executive partner of GECA Pharma GmbH, Alexander Rieg, was invited as an expert to a television interview.
In the conversation he explains that about 40,000 patients in Germany are treated with medical cannabis. In addition, there is a steadily increasing number of cannabis prescriptions.

Alexander Rieg GECA Pharma Interview.jpg

Media contact

Alexander Rieg

Executive Partner

Tel. +49 (0)221 4230 67 44


About GECA Pharma GmbH

GECA Pharma GmbH is a Cologne based start-up in pharmaceutical wholesaling and direct sales of pharmaceuticals and active ingredients. The GDP-certified (Good Distribution Practice) company specializes in the import of high-quality cannabis products. GECA Pharma GmbH has the wholesale license in accordance with § 52a of the German Medicines Act as well as the permission to handle narcotics, and thus fulfills all strict legal requirements for the handling of drugs and narcotics.

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