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25. September 2018 - Corporate-Information

Now available from GECA Pharma: CE-tested vaporiser from Storz&Bickel

From now on, GECA Pharma distributes the CE-approved vaporizers VOLCANO DIGIT MEDIC and MIGHTY MEDIC of the German manufacturer Storz & Bickel. With the introduction of the table vaporiser VOLCANO, the inhalation of herbs has been revolutionized. Since then, the products have been continuously developed and offer the user the opportunity to inhale the vapor of the herbs without harmful combustion and without additives.

















With its market introduction in the year 2000 the VOLCANO vaporizer revolutionized the market and established itself as a pioneer of the vaporizers. Thanks to the EASY VALVE valve balloon, an effective and pure inhalation is guaranteed.
The VOLCANO DIGIT is an evolution of the Volcano Classic. The VOLCANO impresses with its robust and purely electromechanical design. High-quality materials and workmanship guarantee a long service life - Made in Germany.
The VOLCANO MEDIC evaporation system solves two medical problems at once. On the one hand, the VOLCANO MEDIC evaporation system allows the inhalative medicinal application of liquid, alcohol-dissolved cannabinoids. On the other hand, inhaled administration of cannabinoids allows directly from dried cannabis flowers. So far, the inhalative administration of cannabinoids has been limited to medically questionable smoking of cannabis flowers. In the VOLCANO MEDIC evaporation system, the cannabinoids are released only by heat. A combustion like smoking does not take place. The formation of combustion pollutants is avoided in this way.
The advantages of the VOLCANO DIGIT are its large LED display and easy handling. The removable EASY VALVE valve balloon allows a great freedom of movement and an application independent of the station.








The MIGHTY MEDIC is the first medical battery powered cannabis inhaler. The operation of the MIGHTY MEDIC is self-explanatory with the plus and minus buttons and the clearly visible LED display: as soon as the actual temperature matches the individually set temperature, the device is ready for inhalation. This is additionally signaled by a short double vibration. The personally preferred temperature can be adjusted gradually by the adjustment option directly on the device during evaporation.
The MIGHTY MEDIC evaporates using combined air and radiant heating. The air heating ensures continuous evaporation, while the radiant heating ensures that steam is already generated at the first breath. For quick and clean filling of the filling chamber integrated in the hot air generator, you can use the supplied dosing capsules. The cooling unit ensures the cooling down of the steam and ensures optimal taste and full aroma.
The MIGHTY MEDIC has two lithium-ion batteries. The battery pack allows a long service life and a large radius of action. The MIGHTY MEDIC can also be operated with the battery fully discharged via the AC adapter.




About Storz&Bickel

The Storz & Bickel company is based in Tuttlingen, Baden-Württemberg, and is considered a pioneer in the development of herbal vaporisers.
S&B has been developing herbal vaporizers since 1996 and holds various international patents.
S&B is certified to ISO 9001 and 13485 for its quality management system and thus fulfills the basic requirement for the manufacture of medical products.

Press contact

Alexander Rieg

Executive Partner

Tel. +49 (0) 221 4230 67 44

About GECA Pharma GmbH

GECA Pharma GmbH is a Cologne based start-up in pharmaceutical wholesaling and direct sales of pharmaceuticals and active ingredients. The GDP-certified (Good Distribution Practice) company specializes in the import of high-quality cannabis products. GECA Pharma GmbH has the wholesale license in accordance with § 52a of the German Medicines Act as well as the permission to handle narcotics, and thus fulfills all strict legal requirements for the handling of drugs and narcotics.

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