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​Next milestone in Cannabis Quality Control


​Cologne, 29. January 2019 – Cannabis quality control is an essential part of quality assurance and serves to protect patients. Therefore, we are particularly proud to support Spectral Service AG in their research activities to establish a valid method. GECA Pharma is actively involved in the safety of patients.

As early as November 2018, Spectral Service in Cologne was the starting point for the first NMR Cannabis Meetings on cannabis quality control. Here, GECA Pharma lectured before an international consortium on the German cannabis market and the legal basis for the import, distribution and distribution of medical cannabis.

More and more countries legalize cannabis for medical purposes and partly for recreational use. Accordingly, extensive quality control of cannabis is required. To respond to this request, Spectral Service AG has initiated the project "Quality and provenance testing of cannabis". The aim of this research project is the development of an analytical method for quality control by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.

Raw materials and end products should be examined for composition, cannabinoid content and contamination. Furthermore, the question arises to what extent cultivation countries and areas have significant influences on the plant composition and NMR spectroscopy can thus be used for authenticity control.

For GECA Pharma, it is of utmost importance to analyze the quality and origin of new medical products that qualify for further commercialization while ensuring patient safety. GECA Pharma and Spectral Service AG are therefore working together for the quality control of cannabis and the establishment of an associated, valid NMR spectroscopic analysis method.

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Alexander Rieg

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About GECA Pharma GmbH

GECA Pharma GmbH is a Cologne based start-up in pharmaceutical wholesaling and direct sales of pharmaceuticals and active ingredients. The GDP-certified (Good Distribution Practice) company specializes in the import of high-quality cannabis products. GECA Pharma GmbH has the wholesale license in accordance with § 52a of the German Medicines Act as well as the permission to handle narcotics, and thus fulfills all strict legal requirements for the handling of drugs and narcotics.

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