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03. August 2018 - Press release


Petition to the Bundestag: End prosecution of cannabis patients

GECA Pharma supports the petition from the working group cannabis as medicine


Cologne, 3 August 2018 - Cannabis flowers have been prescriptive in Germany since 2017. In reality, many patients still have no way of legally acquiring cannabis. A petition now calls for the impunity of cannabis for all patients who are medically in need of medical treatment for cannabis or cannabinoids.


GECA Pharma supports this petition.


Under the following link you will find all information about the petition and the signature list:

Here you can download a signature list for the petition to print:




Please send the signature list until September 1, 2018:


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59602 Rüthen


Press contact GECA Pharma GmbH

Alexander Rieg

Executive Partner

Tel. +49 (0) 221 4230 67 44


About GECA Pharma GmbH

GECA Pharma GmbH is a pharmaceutical wholesaler based in Cologne, Germany supplies pharmacies nationwide with high-quality medical cannabis and thus makes an important contribution to the care of critically ill patients.

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